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Our Background

Techrep Marketing is the preeminent rep firm in the Ohio Valley. Over nearly twenty years our business ethic has been summed up by the simple phrase, “Do the right thing.”  We deliver excellent service, the best products and cooperate with our dealers at a high level to insure that systems based on our products perform at the highest possible level.

Our Philosophy

Techrep Marketing exists to raise the bar on how the process of representation and field sales are implemented. We are constantly reinventing our business to make sure we are the most effective path to market for any manufacturer.

Our Services
salesFrom strategic planning to execution, we manage our customers’ sales cycle in order to produce high close rates. This generates valuable market data which our clients use to plan their logistics, marketing & product life cycles.
design assistIt’s our goal to make our customers 100% comfortable with their decision to use our products. We offer assistance at your design/specification stage to be sure you have the right product for the job. We understand it can be hard to try something new, so we work hard to design solutions which will impress, and we provide the performance documentation to build confidence in your choice.
trainingOur team of reps is equipped to conduct an array of targeted trainings for our customers and their clients.  We offer several types of training sessions, ranging from public and private product training events to retail sales training.
demoThere is no better way to close a sale than with a solid proof of concept. We offer on-site demos to test your ideas or help to confirm a product’s capabilities.  In addition to 1-on-1 proof of concept demos, we also conduct public events and training seminars. If you would like to request a demo, please complete the form on our Contact page and tell us what you would like to see.
20140409-213357.jpgDemo stock of our most popular products is available for evaluation throughout our coverage territory. If you need more than a demo and would like some evaluation time, we understand. All you have to do is ask, and we will make arrangements to get you what you need.



Our Partners

What Customers Say

Radiant Technology Group – Chuck Neal

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ricardo, Chris and Ted along with the other team members at Tech Rep and it is always a pleasure.  I have never worked with a  team that is more dependable, responsive and attentive to their client’s needs and they help make my job easier on a daily basis.”

Custom Sound Design – Doug Hood

“In our business, quick response times and detailed plans are not options, they are requirements.  Tech Rep delivers excellent service to our team and so we are proud to have them involved in our design/build projects whenever possible”

Parts Express – Mark Liptak

“When I hear the name Techrep—a couple of things cross my mind. Excellent service level and a culture of customer first;  honest,  dedicated reps who can be relied on to take care of the daily issues. Our guy  Chris is a go to on the difficult technical questions for our customers and staff—quick and understandable answers; a valued member of our team!”

ASCC Inc. – Ken Coey

“Techrep understands the needs of an integrator such as ASCC and this keeps us on the leading edge of new technologies. They also help us when challenges, which will inevitably arise, need timely and efficient personal attention. It is a pleasure working with Techrep.”