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QSC brings comfort to distressed dogs

Music can have a profound impact on our physiological well-being.  Nearly anybody who has ever listened to their favorite song has experienced it. Why wouldn’t it affect your dog’s health?

Tail Lights Dogs, a dog boarding, training and daycare facility in Greenville, South Carolina is in a class of its own.   Specifically, each element of the Tail Lights environment has been designed to mitigate the stress pet dogs often experience when away from their home and human family.

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The Art and Science of Soldering

Soldering was one of the first things that I learned to do with electronics and oddly enough, it has been one of the most valuable skills I have ever acquired. I use it on a weekly if not daily basis and I have for probably the past 14 years.  Most of the time it’s cables and connectors but sometimes it’s circuit boards or my daughter’s earrings. (Don’t worry, I use lead-free solder for those).

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Comparing Earbuds – Pt.1 The FIT

It seems like everyone and their brother is in the earphone business these days. You can get them with designer names attached, jewels, multiple drivers, custom ear molds, with mics for your phone, you name it! if we had 6 ears, I am sure there would be a 5.1 earphone available. I’ve noticed that I have had several discussions over the last few weeks about comparing earbuds, so I felt that this topic might be relevant to a lot of you. When it comes to earbuds, whether you are comparing or just using, the FIT of the earbud is numero Uno!

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