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Techrep HQ Q-Sys install

QSC’s Q-Sys system has been getting the reputation as the premiere DSP solution for large venues. It has found its home in some of the biggest stadiums, convention centers, airports and hotels.  The upward scalability and redundancy is one of the main reasons it has become the system of choice. One of of the areas where the system gets overlooked is for smaller applications. In this area Q-Sys may seem like overkill. NOTHING can be farther from the truth!

The reason for this is that Q-Sys is far more than audio processor. It becomes the core processor for all audio in a facility. In short the most basic Core 250 system handles audio transport, processing, control,monitoring, audio conferencing, paging, mixing, automated announcing, and playback.  Its this flexibility that makes it the ideal platform for smaller venues.

We recently installed a system at our HQ in North Ridgeville OH. Our application is pretty standard for a small office setting. We have a conference room with some basic AV, we have couple of shared office spaces, an executive office and a training room.  We wanted the system to do BGM, conference room AEC, and handle zoned playback for our training room.  We needed that system to give us both common and individual controls for each zone. This allows us to have BGM playing while there is a conference in the conference room and a training video playing in the training room. Both the conference room and the training room have microphone and line inputs. The office has only a line input. Everything is controlled by iPad or iPhone via a custom UCI (user control interface). The entire system is tucked away in our server closet.

The system:

Q-Sys core 1000 with a single I/O frame*

2 COL4 output cards

2 CIML4 input mic/line cards

CX168 8 channel amp

We had one of the first generation Core 1000 systems in stock so we chose to use that for our office system. For a new installation we could have used a Core 250 for everything. We would not have needed the I/O frame. A Core 250 would give us 32 channels of physical outputs.

The main UCI view:

Zone Layout


The conference room:

In our conference room we have 2 table mics that require echo cancellation, 2 AD-S52 speakers for playback and audio inputs for AV.

Below is our iPad UCI for the conference room

 conference room

The training room:

The training room has a local display audio input or it can take audio from the office BGM input. There are also 2 streaming inputs from RTSP.

training room

Both of the office spaces and the warehouse have simple control interfaces.


These UCIs were built in the Q-Sys designer software. We were able to layout the whole facility in a couple hours including the time it took make the graphics. If you have worked with other DSP software interfaces Q-Sys designer will be a refreshing change. The system was very easy to configure and customize for our needs.

Here is the setup for the office:


This is the AEC schematic. We have snapshots for different input settings and a schedule snapshot for our Monday morning sales meetings

conference room

We also have a schematic page setup for monitoring our amps and speakers.

amp monitor

The AEC module is especially cool. Its included in the system at no extra charge and no licensing fee! It also does not require additional hardware. We have more than enough DSP processing left. Could AEC on all of our current inputs and have more DSP processing left over than we could possibly use.

Here is a couple pics of the gear installed.

IMG_0208 - 2014-01-02 at 15-06-30IMG_0206 - 2014-01-02 at 15-05-36 IMG_0210 - 2014-01-02 at 15-07-17 IMG_0209 - 2014-01-02 at 15-06-59

QSC brings comfort to distressed dogs

Music can have a profound impact on our physiological well-being.  Nearly anybody who has ever listened to their favorite song has experienced it. Why wouldn’t it affect your dog’s health?

Tail Lights Dogs, a dog boarding, training and daycare facility in Greenville, South Carolina is in a class of its own.   Specifically, each element of the Tail Lights environment has been designed to mitigate the stress pet dogs often experience when away from their home and human family.

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The Art and Science of Soldering

Soldering was one of the first things that I learned to do with electronics and oddly enough, it has been one of the most valuable skills I have ever acquired. I use it on a weekly if not daily basis and I have for probably the past 14 years.  Most of the time it’s cables and connectors but sometimes it’s circuit boards or my daughter’s earrings. (Don’t worry, I use lead-free solder for those).

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Comparing Earbuds – Pt.1 The FIT

It seems like everyone and their brother is in the earphone business these days. You can get them with designer names attached, jewels, multiple drivers, custom ear molds, with mics for your phone, you name it! if we had 6 ears, I am sure there would be a 5.1 earphone available. I’ve noticed that I have had several discussions over the last few weeks about comparing earbuds, so I felt that this topic might be relevant to a lot of you. When it comes to earbuds, whether you are comparing or just using, the FIT of the earbud is numero Uno!

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