QSC brings comfort to distressed dogs

Music can have a profound impact on our physiological well-being.  Nearly anybody who has ever listened to their favorite song has experienced it. Why wouldn’t it affect your dog’s health?

Tail Lights Dogs, a dog boarding, training and daycare facility in Greenville, South Carolina is in a class of its own.   Specifically, each element of the Tail Lights environment has been designed to mitigate the stress pet dogs often experience when away from their home and human family.

One of the unique elements you will find at Tail Lights is a high quality sound system from QSC Audio, with separate zones for the boarding suites, play rooms, and lobby areas.

Tail Lights founder and owner is Mira Jones, a dog trainer (www.ccpdt.org) and dog behavior counselor (www.iaabc.org) with 18 years of experience helping clients and their dogs.

According to Mira, a high end sound system should be included in every dog facility’s budget.  This is because of groundbreaking research on the effects of various types of music on the behavior of dogs in stressful environments.   This research is built on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who pioneered and redefined the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system.  You can read more here:  http://throughadogsear.com/research/

Joshua Leeds www.joshualeeds.com, a sound researcher, music producer and educator comments on the ongoing research:  “….dogs were reacting in a similar manner to music that had been created for specific effects on people. In other words, dogs could be entrained, i.e., heart rate, brain waves, and breath slowed or speeded up when influenced by external rhythms, just as in people.”

Music specifically chosen and recorded to harness sound as a support for a dog’s stressed nervous system is played throughout the day and night in the Tail Lights boarding suites area.  The results are striking.  While most boarding kennels reverberate with ear splitting barks, whines, and cries, the Tail Lights boarding area is remarkably quiet.

New Tail Lights clients frequently write in to say they see the difference in their dog’s behavior.

A recent comment, from the parents of Pekinese, Bella Joy, “We’re thrilled to have found a home away from home for Bella Joy.  This is the first time in her 7 years she has come home from boarding without being ill from the stress.  Thank you!”

Maybe there is an underserved market here for the A/V contractor.